Modern design sockets

Exclusive sockets in all colours, whether black, white
or individually according to customer requirements. 

The beautiful sockets by ROHDE+ROHDE can be ordered
with and without magnetic covers/flaps here.

If your switches and sockets are in the same shade as the surrounding wall surfaces, the whole thing looks particularly harmonious. The sockets can be ordered in over 1001 colours here, in Farrow & Ball colours, Designers Guildt, Little Greene, RAL and many more. The design socket outlets by ROHDE+ROHDE are complemented by an extensive complete range of connectors for almost every need. 

The frame material consists of high-quality synthetic glass which is visually on a par with crystal glass. It is 11 times more break-resistant than window glass and withstands the hardships of everyday life thanks to its "scratch-resistant" sealing. So even after many years, your ROHDE+ROHDE design light switches will remain as beautiful as on the first day.

In 2 steps to your desired socket.


Select frame: Click on the round image "Frame" below. Then return to this page.


Now select inserts such as socket or accessory inserts in the same way.
The mounting material is automatically included.

Select here:


square socket outlets 
for square frame cut-outs 
round socket outlets 
for round frame cut-outs.


Frame + inserts = working product. Mounting material is included.

In a square frame section you can...

  • 1 large insert can be placed in socket width. 
  • 2 narrow inserts can be placed next to each other (each 1/2 socket width). 
  • 1 narrow insert (1/2 socket width) in the middle + 2 "super narrow blind covers".

Into a round frame cut-out can be...

  • 1 "round" socket insert with decorative ring (only German standard type C, F available) can be placed.

A notice:

With a frame and associated inserts, you have everything you need in a redy-to-use product. Alternativly, go here:

Planing service free and non-binding

Make it easy for yourself. 

We do the work for you. Free and without obligation. 

  • 1. Send us a list of what you want. Gladly descriptive or with sketches/photos.
  •  2. We place the items in your personal shopping cart for you. 
  •  3. You will receive a link to your shopping cart and decide.


 The frames and front panels are made of a new, very high-quality synthetic glass which is optically on par with crystal glass. 

 It offers the following advantages: It is 11 times more break-resistant than window glass, withstands the rigors of everyday life thanks to its "scratch-resistant" seal, and with its integrated UV filter protects the rear glass coating from color changes caused by light. 


The switch manufacturer ROHDE+ROHDE is a family-run company based in Potsdam / Germany.
 ROHDE+ROHDE products are known for their modern design and innovative solutions Frames and front panels can be ordered in all colors.

Beautiful sockets in all colors:

ROHDE+ROHDE frames for sockets and light switches are available in all Farrow & Ball colours, in all Little Greene colours, RAL and NCS colours. Shades from other paint manufacturers are also possible by arrangement. You can have your desired color painted individually "behind glass". If the light switches and sockets match the color of the surrounding wall surfaces, they disappear visually and the result is an extremely harmonious overall picture. 

ROHDE+ROHDE Design-Sockets

ROHDE+ROHDE design socket outlets literally make your power connections disappear: When the socket outlet is not in use, all you see at the front is a straight, flat surface. The socket inserts remain completely hidden behind full-surface covers. If necessary, you can simply remove one or more covers. Removing and replacing the covers is child's play, because powerful magnets pull the covers into the correct position. Removed covers can be magnetically parked on the side of the frame.