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NOVA in Glas-Optic  

ROHDE+ROHDE's tactile light switches
are available in many different versions.
230V switch, dimmer, shutter switch, push-button
 or as KNX version for a smart home solution.  

in over 1001 original colours.  Farrow & Ball,
Designers Guild, Little Greene, RAL, NCS, Caparol.
You can order these ROHDE+ROHDE light switches in your desired colour
and create a unique design for your home.

The illuminated sensor area shows the way in the dark. No matter which touch switch variant you choose, with the NOVA by ROHDE+ROHDE you get a high-quality and durable solution for your home. 

Order online now and design your home according to your wishes.

Touch switch - Many variants easily ordered.

With a front panel and the accompanying technical inserts, you have everything you need for a ready-to-use product. The mounting material is included.

In 2 steps to the desired switch:


Select switch panels: Click on the round image "Touch front panels" below, make your selection and then come back to this page.  


Now select the inserts such as touch sensors, socket inserts or accessory inserts in the same way.. 

The mounting material is automatically included.

Only one dimmer sensor should be installed in a wall box (heat generation!). All other sensors can be installed in pairs in a wall box.

Hier für Touch-Schalter auswählen: 

1. Touchblende/n
2. Sensor/en
3. Falls gewünscht, Steckdoseneinsätze für Schalter Steckdosen -Kombinationen.


Die Sensoren befinden sich hinter der Touch-Blende. Wählen Sie Schalter-Sensoren 230V oder KNX, Dimmer, Taster, Rolladenschalter.

We are there for you: Free of charge and without obligation.

Phone support  0049 331 967 632 83          Email Planning service  

Passend zu den Glas-Touchschalter finden Sie hier Steckdosen, Jalousieschalter, TV-Anschlüsse, konventionelle Schalter und vieles mehr.

Hier für Steckdosen, Zubehör und Wippschalter auswählen:

2.Steckdosen-Einsätze (siehe oben)
4. Schaltwippeneinsätze


Wähle Art, Größe, Farbe und Anzahl


Wähle Funktion, Farbe, Größe


Wähle Funktion, Farbe, Größe

TIPP:  In a few years, you might want light switches in a different colour? Then simply keep the installed technology and only order the front panel in the new colour of your choice. Front panels and frames can be replaced without hesitation, even without an electrician.

The switch manufacturer ROHDE+ROHDE is a family-run company based in Potsdam, just outside Berlin. ROHDE+ROHDE products are known for their modern design and innovative solutions. Another unique selling point is the possibility to order frames and front panels in almost any colour. You can get the switches and sockets frames in the colours of Farrow & Ball, Designers Guild, Little Greene, ANNA by MANGOLDT, RAL or NCS and many more.

SmartHome extension NEXENTRO
230V Simply make switches smart.

Here we explain how this can be done easily and inexpensively with a SmartHome extension..

Switch as you like: With your wall switch, by voice, by app.  Enjoy unimagined living comfort that you won't want to miss.

It could hardly be simpler and cheaper: the Nexentro SmartHome System is child's play to operate and adapts flexibly to your wishes.

Thanks to modular extensions, you can make individual switches or the entire house SmartHome. Step-by-step expansion is also easy to do.

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