CAMBRIDGE ljusbrytare med växelspak. Krom.

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Teknik / typ
Produktinformation "CAMBRIDGE ljusbrytare med växelspak. Krom."

Individual design and high-quality mechanics characterise retro switches from the Cambridge collection. Toggle switches not only look good, they are also practical and functional in operation. Thanks to their timeless design, ROHDE+ROHDE toggle light switches are suitable for classic interiors as well as for modern interior design.

The mechanism is manufactured by a traditional international company near Venice and complies with EU regulations. 

  • Made in EU.
  • Guarantee: 5 years (see guarantee declaration).
  • Technology that has been tried and tested thousands of times and for years.

Installation / Technology:

  • Installation in standard round flush-mounted boxes ø 60 mm or cavity wall boxes ø 68 mm.
  • Required depth of the wall box: At least 45 mm.
  • Toggle switch mechanism with toggle lever. 10A, 250V.
  • Function: Latching up (on) and latching down (off). 
  • For each wall box, 1 toggle switch can be placed in the middle or 2 toggle switches can be placed next to each other.
  • Rocker switches with different functions can be combined individually in a common front panel.

Installation Retro inserts:

For installation in an AVE mounting frame (automatically supplied when the Cambridge front panel is ordered). 

Scope of delivery:  

Mechanism with toggle lever.

5 year warranty - WARRANTY STATEMENT:

ROHDE+ROHDE provides a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase. Within the warranty period, we will exchange the defective product for a faultless product, provided there is a material or manufacturing defect. A prerequisite for the granting of the guarantee is the presentation of a proof of purchase. This guarantee only applies to customers domiciled in the European Union. If, contrary to expectations, a defect is found, please send the faulty item, a copy of the purchase receipt, a brief description of the fault and your address to ROHDE+ROHDE®. The guarantor is ROHDE+ROHDE UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG, David-Gilly-Strasse 1, D-14469 Potsdam. Excluded from the guarantee are in particular: Malfunctions due to incorrect connection, overvoltage in the power supply system, incorrect handling during installation, temperatures or air humidity untypical of the living space. Also excluded from the warranty are signs of use such as scratches or cracks, damage due to external influences such as bending, falling, excessive heat, mechanical action or the use of cleaning agents. Only water without any other additives and a soft cloth may be used to clean the front panels and frames. In addition, you have the rights under the statutory liability for defects as a consumer. These rights can be asserted against us without restriction and independently of our guarantee.