Frontpanel med pekskärm NOVA - glasoptik

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Produktinformation "Frontpanel med pekskärm NOVA - glasoptik"
Touch panel NOVA - glass optics. 

High-quality workmanship and attention to detail characterise the exclusive ROHDE+ROHDE front panels. High-quality, flat touch control panel with one discreet light point per sensor. 
The straight-lined front panel is visually on a par with crystal glass and offers many advantages: it is 11 times more break-resistant than float glass, resists the hardships of everyday life with its scratch-resistant coated surface. It is UV stable and crystal clear. 

Scope of delivery: 
  • 1x NOVA touch screen
  • Mounting material
  • Assembly instructions

(Please order technical inserts (touch sensors) separately)

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Touch sensor insert
Touch light switch for 230V (optionally switchable to switch or push-button operation).  Description:Touch-sensitive switch insert (touch switch) for installation behind ROHDE+ROHDE front panels in round standard wall boxes. The integrated relay can be switched off, turning the switch into a push-button.  5 years warranty*.  230V input and output voltage.  For all consumers such as LEDs, transformers, halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps, light bulbs etc. 230V. Max 6A. Integrated LED, continuous blue light. Very low self-consumption in standby mode: 24 mA @ 230Vac (0.6 W). Please refer to the instructions for further details. Mode of operation:  A short tap switches the light on or off. The sensor reacts to approach already approx. 2 mm above the front panel.  VDE certified touch sensor ROHDE+ROHDE touch light switches meet the highest safety requirements: ROHDE+ROHDE® are supplied with VDE certified 230V touch sensors.  Change-over switching / cross-switching:  For a two-way or cross connection, the touch light switch can be connected with one or as many push-buttons as desired (as "extension switches"). Each connected push-button then functions like the light switch. As push-buttons, either this sensor switch (switched to push-button operation) or ROHDE+ROHDE touch push-button 230V art. no. can be used. Notes: 3-cable connection: A neutral conductor/neutral conductor is mandatory. Only for deep wall boxes from approx. 45mm. Fastening in the wall box with screws (no expanding clips). One sensor can be installed individually in the centre, or two sensors next to each other per wall box.  1 touch sensor, 230V, switchable between on/off operation (integrated relay) or push-button operation. Mounting instructions 

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