Retro switch CAMBRIDGE glass optics sample - loan to view.

2 125,55 kr*

Tillgängligt, leveranstid: 2-5 dagar

Produktnummer: MUSTER_023
Produktinformation "Retro switch CAMBRIDGE glass optics sample - loan to view."
Sample box of the company ROHDE+ROHDE

The sample box includes:
  1. Sample box with built-in switch.
  2. Additional toggle switch insert including mounting material.
  3. A postage paid DHL return label.

On loan for viewing with 4 weeks right of return. 
The invoice amount serves as a deposit and will be refunded immediately after *return.
Immediate shipment after receipt of payment. Delivery time information above is not applicable for sample boxes.
Note for commercial customers: The sample box can be rented for an individual period of time by arrangement.

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PRODUKT TYP:: Ljusstyrning
SAMLING:: Touch - glasutseende